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Tashima Dukes is a former foster child who was placed in foster care in both Philadelphia and California. She was placed in more than 13 different foster homes before aging out of the foster care system. Today, Tashima is author of Truth Be Told: A Foster Child’s Recollection and The Sins of My Fathers Books where she shares her life experiences.

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Tashima Dukes tells her story of abandonment, abuse and pain in an unadorned yest passionate voice, a voice that resonates with inspiration and resolve. Her poetry is deeply cathartic, and in the rhythm of the words she magnifies the magnificient power of God.
Testimonial by AL HUNTER JR.
Editorial writer and jazz columnist, philadelphia Daily News.
In its straight forword and riveting manners. this book will change the lives of teenagers caught up in the foster care system.
Testimonial by B. Bryan Post
B. Bryan Post
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Tashima Dukes is an internationally recognized expert trainer who has delivered motivational talks on some of the largest international stages. Dukes has also trained nationally with organizations such as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), National Foster Parent Conferences, Universities, as well as special interest groups in various countries. Dukes is currently an expert trainer at Austin Angels. She trains on foster care from the foster child’s perspective. In addition to that, Dukes travels around the nation and around the world delivering a God-centered message of Hope, Healing, and Forgiveness.

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